Introduction to Arduino - Course Description

Designed with education in mind, the Arduino Uno is an open-source, programmable microprocessor that controls electrical components. Students explore its capabilities while completing a series of projects where they learn to activate LEDs, control servo and DC motors, read data from different sensors and more. They also learn basic computer programming concepts used in system control.




Week 1: Getting to Know the Parts, Resistors, LED Basics, Switches and the Temperature Sensor

Week 2: Intermediate LEDs, the Photoresistor, Servo Motors and the Potentiometer

Weeks 3-7: Students pick projects according to their own interests. Possible topics: 

  • Theremin and the Piezo element

  • A Simple Keyboard

  • The Digital Hourglass

  • Motorized Pinwheel

  • Connecting External Power Sources

  • Using an LCD Screen

  • Using an Arduino to Control your Computer

  • More Computer Hacks

Weeks 8-12: Students design, build and test their final projects!


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Why is Arduino so awesome? Check out this TED talk: