Coding and Arduino Summer Camp 2017

Each camp is Monday - Friday, 9a - 2p. Lunch and snack options available.
Classes begin on July 10 and run each week through Sept 1.

Extended care is available until 5pm. Email us at for more info

In this camp for students in Grades 6-12, we will dive into real world coding and electronics with the Arduino microcontroller. It is appropriate for both beginners and experienced coders; the only requirement is a desire to learn, tinker and create! Students may join for as many weeks as they like, there is no requirement beyond the first.

What Do They Do All Week??
Students will begin the week with several small skill building projects, learning how to program their Arduino to operate motors, control LEDs and operate a range of sensors, including light sensors, temperature sensors and ultrasonic distance sensors. Using these skills, in the second half of the week students will create either a three-wheeled robot or a piece of wearable tech that they can take home. The three wheeled robot contains two motorized drive wheels, a third caster wheel for turning and an ultrasonic sensor attached to a servo motor. The servo can be programmed to sweep the ultrasonic sensor back and forth to detect any objects in front of the robot, and we will create programs to cause the robot to react in a variety of ways. The wearable tech pieces typically consist of a set of LEDs that are sewn or glued onto a shirt with conducting thread, then attached to a miniature Arduino that we program to make the lights blink at different colors, intensities and frequencies. Finally, a small battery is hidden in the article of clothing to power it all. Please note that these are both just suggested projects, so if your child has an idea they want to try, we will help them make it a reality!

Week 2 and Beyond...
Building on the skills learned in the first week, students who opt to join subsequent weeks will be able to work on increasingly difficult projects to fine-tune their Arduino skills. Project ideas will be provided by the BK Bots team, but students may also submit requests for a specific project of their own creation. Example projects include remote-controlled cars, an LED system for their bike, weather stations, a digital clock and more!

On Vitamin D Production
At BK Bots we appreciate that kids are kids, so we have scheduled breaks and offer trips to nearby JJ Byrne Park after snack and lunch each day.