What ages are best suited for the Lego Robotics classes?

Our Lego robotics classes are designed for students in grades 2 - 8. To be successful in the class, your child should be able to build a medium-to-difficult Lego set by following the instructions and with no assistance. Students work in groups of two, grouped with someone of a similar age and building ability. 

Can I sign up for more than one class? Will each class cover the same material?

The curriculum is designed by founder Sean Spillane, who was a math and physics teacher at local Brooklyn high schools for nearly a decade. He created the class to provide a safe space for discovery learning. This means that there is a lot of flexibility for personalizing our curricula to each student's capabilities and interests. The BK Bots team is also always brainstorming ways to update the class - including the recent inclusion of Lego Technics for advanced students. Repeat students will  definitely not be bored!

What is your return / refund policy?

We understand that sometimes schedules change and our goal is always for both parents and students to have an enjoyable experience with BK Bots. Classes are fully refundable up to two weeks before the start date. After that, you may use the the cost as a credit towards your next class. 

Do you offer school pick-ups?

We currently offer pick-up at PS 321 and PS 39 for a small additional fee. If you're interested in pick-up from another local school, fill out this form and tell your friends! If we have enough interest we will add pick-up at those schools. 

Is early drop-off and/or extended care available?


Early drop-off is available at 3p during after-school classes for a small additional fee. During summer and school break camps, extended care is available through the Mathnasium, from 2p-6p. Please email us at info@bkbots.com for more information and to sign up. 

Do you serve lunch during camps / after-school snacks?

We do not serve after-school snacks, however please free free to send some with your child. Students are asked to eat their snacks before taking out their kits and iPads. During the weekly camps (summer and school breaks) we supply pizza and water during lunch time. We have also partnered with the local Du Jour bakery to offer a small morning snack and a pre-fixe lunch menu for a discounted rate.

Do students get to keep their robots at the end of class?

Sadly students do not get to keep their robots at the end of class. BK Bots provides the supplies as well as the iPads needed. Should you want to purchase your own kit for at-home building, they are available here on the Lego website or on Amazon.

Will this class make my child smarter than me?

Possibly. We are currently in beta testing so that result is not gaurenteed.

Will this prepare my child for the inevitable robot apocalypse?

Yes. You and your family will be safe and live as equals with the robot overlords.



More questions? Email us at info@bkbots.com