Lego Robotics Course Description


In this course, student teams use the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics kit, a sophisticated suite of building pieces, motors, sensors, a programmable computer and a custom-built software for programming. These kits are used in the First Lego League, as well as countless robotics groups, competitions and schools around the world to teach robotics to children of all ages and experience. 


Course Topics

Weeks 1-2: Intro to Building and Progamming

Students will build the TRACK3R tank robot and learn the basics of the course software by programing their robot to travel through a maze.

Week 3: Free Build

Students may build their choice of robots from the kit. Instructions are provided for over 25 different robots.

Week 4: Program Your New Robot

Students program their robot to perform a variety of behaviors based on the type of sensors present on their robot. They will learn how to use basic programming functions such as loops and switches to allow their robot to respond to different environmental stimuli.

Weeks 5-9: Advanced Building and Programming

Students will build a more advanced robot from the large selection of robots available with instructions. They will continue to learn to use loops and switches to refine the control capabilities of their robots. BK Bots' instructors can guide students to use Lego Discovery or Laboratory books to gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities of their Lego Mindstorms kit. They will explore advanced motor and sensor controls, flow control, custom block creation and other topics.

Week 10-11: Prepare for the Robo-Battle

Students pick their battle robots and begin to build. All students will use the same base and add custom modifications to wreak havoc in the arena.

Week 12: Enter the Robo-Battle!

All final building, programming and testing is completed. The Grand Battle of the Robots begins when preparations are complete. May the best robot remain standing. Friends and family are welcome to join us to witness the action and end of class photos.

Time and Location

Weekly classes run Feb 27 - June 2

4-6pm at the Puppetworks of Park Slope

338 6th Ave, Brooklyn 11215


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