Our Team

BK Bots Instructors are vetted by education veteran and founder Sean Spillane.
Each instructor has experience working with both kids and robotics. 


Sean Spillane, Founder + Lead Instructor

A San Francisco native,  Sean offers 15 years of experience working with children on both the East and West coasts. He holds undergraduate degrees in Economics and Mechanical Engineering as well as a Masters in Mathematics Education. He taught math, physics and robotics for 6 years at two Brooklyn high schools before leaving the profession to pursue his Mechanical Engineering degree. He started BK Bots in 2012 with the goal of helping kids learn through discovery!

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Ruben Toussaint, Instructor

Ruben Toussaint is a native New Yorker with a passion for math, science, and education. He holds a BA in history education but discovered his passion lies in math education. He works with underperforming students to raise their Math Regents test performance to meet and exceed their grade level standards. He has two years of experience educating NYC students and he  continues  to inspire students to reach their potential through the use of math and science at BK Bots!


BK Bots partners with Girls Who Code and the Red Hook Initiative in furthering education for students interested in STEM and technology. We handpick our assistants from these organizations. 


Nylajah Day

Nylajah is a senior at Health Professions and Human Services High School. She has worked with Lego robotics kits for 3 years and started out as a participant in the class. She loves working with kids and has a special talent for solving Rubik's Cubes.


Quincy Philips

Quincy is a senior at Summit Academy Charter School. 



Idalia Gonzales

Idalia is a senior at Brooklyn Collaborative Studies High School. She has worked with Lego robotics for 4 years, Arduino and JavaScript for two years. She also started out as a participant in the class. She is an avid photographer.

Behind The Scenes


Marty Spillane

The most recent addition to the Spillane family, you may see young Marty hanging out at the occasional BK Bots class. We're working on his dexterity for Lego building but he currently serves as a project manager / boss man. 

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Meghan Butler

A tech industry veteran, Meghan assists Sean behind the scenes with all-things marketing and operations. She's also the chief baby carrier, commonly known as "Mom".


Kelly Korshak

Artist, UX expert, dance party fanatic, renaissance woman. The gifs and images on these pages were created by @KellyAnnKor!

Questions? Email us at info@bkbots.com