Coding Summer Camp 2016


Day 1: Intro to Programming and Arduino

Students will learn basic programming concepts using Minecraft and JavaScript, followed by a head-first introduction into Arduino microcontroller programming.


Day 2-3: Advanced Building and Programming

Teams will experiment with motors and sensors, building take-home robots that can autonomously solve a maze. They'll learn about loops, conditions, motor control, and analog sensor inputs while they use these components to build their robots. Later, they'll solidify their understanding of these concepts by further experimenting in their Minecraft virtual programming environment.


Day 4-5: Solve the Maze!

Students finish building their maze robot and program it to autonomously solve a maze. While not in the maze, students test their maze-solving algorithms in the Minecraft virtual programming environment. 


Lunch is provided everyday!


Time and Location

Weekly classes run July 11 - Sept 2

9:00am - 2:00pm at the Mathnasium of Park Slope

361 5th Ave, Brooklyn 11215


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