Lego Robotics Summer Camp 2017

Each camp is Monday - Friday, 9a - 2p. Lunch and snack options available here.
Classes begin on July 10 and run each week through Sept 1.

Extended care is available until 5pm. Email us at for more info

In this camp for students entering Grades 2-8 in the fall, student teams of 2 use the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics kit, a sophisticated suite of building pieces, motors, sensors, a programmable computer and a custom-built software for programming. They learn basic skills in engineering and coding as they build and program different robots to perform a series of challenges.

What Do They Do All Week??
In the first half of the week, students will choose from a choice of introductory robot models and learn to use the programming software. After completing their first build, they learn to operate their robots by writing a program containing motor commands to make it navigate a maze, then they add sounds to match the robot's movements. Once they have mastered the basics of movement, we introduce them to sensors and teach them how to create programs that will allow their robots to react to objects in their way, follow a line on the ground, navigate through a maze autonomously and operate by remote control! For their next project, they choose between building a robot of their choice or to attempt our Eco-Challenge project, where they build a custom robot to rescue animals that have been stranded! For the last day of camp, all teams build the EV3RSTORM model and modify it as they see fit for a final robot battle. And fear not, we have perfected a scoring system that keeps things fun but not too competitive, so everyone has fun.

Week 2 and Beyond...
Many students opt to take more than one week of camp and they do not repeat the same activities. Building on the skills learned in the first week, returning campers work on increasingly difficult robot projects to fine-tune their Mindstorms skills. Additional project ideas will be provided by the BK Bots team and students may also submit requests to bring their own robotic ideas to reality!

On Vitamin D Production
At BK Bots we appreciate that kids are kids, so we have scheduled breaks and offer trips to nearby JJ Byrne Park after snack and lunch each day.

Here's a video of our summer campers in action!